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A Euphoric Experience
Launching 2023


The word “Minkah” literally translates to “Justice.” My approach to design is balanced and I obsess over imagination and creativity. The work of translating your message to the world is not taken lightly.

Our new site and features will be launching this winter; and we’ll be including new services and support for your brand.  Stay tuned…


The 3 words that drive the Minkah approach are: Imagination, Practicality, and Strategy. Sticking to these ideas and committing to create results that drive your ROI and speak clearly to your target market is what makes Minkah Design the absolute best choice for your next brand project. Our process is a universal one that can be understood by just watching things grow in nature.

The creative process is also the same process we use for project management and internal systems. The 4 steps are Seed > Root > Tree > Fruit, with fruit being tangible evidence that our work is complete and duplicatable so that your organization expands; remaining true to your core values.

This approach to “creating” is simple and can be applied to any brand and any industry. The real work is where we bring the talent, skill, and experience to help your unique voice speak louder than ever…