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These 3 words represent what we hold dear at Minkah Design. Our mission is to translate the values and vision of our clients with captivating and concise design. For over 10 years, I have done just that and our team wholeheartedly embraces these principles of growth, nourishing them with passion and dedication.


that creative force that fuels innovation, enabling the transformation of abstract ideas into visually captivating and user-centric digital experiences.


design choices and features that enhance the usability and functionality of a website to ensure a positive user experience.


ensuring an effective and efficient design that accurately communicates a brand's trajectory, resonates with the target market, and grows with your business.

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We offer a wide variety of services anchored in cutting edge visual appeal and practicality.

Let’s be serious – the world of web design has expanded quickly, opening the doors for integrating all types of media and tech.  We pride ourselves in leveraging the amazing possibilities that exist in those intersections. We provide support with:


branding 101

product design

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Minkah = Harmony

The term "minkah" literally translates to "justice" or "balance". Branding is essential to a company's growth as it establishes a distinct identity, builds trust with customers, and differentiates the company from competitors, fostering customer loyalty and driving business success. Make sure your brand has synergy and truly represents your values in a unique and balanced way.

Strategic Alliances

Landscape architecture, build & gardening

Our mission is to create and maintain sustainable outdoor spaces

that enrich the lives of our clients.


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Our work is our passion, but we also enjoy sharing the lessons we’ve learned from our years of designing, installing, and maintaining the most beautiful properties.