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I Amplify Your Brand

I can support you at any stage in the creation of your brand. If you’re revisiting your logo, or building on something you’ve already been managing, I can easily become an effective part of your team so that you get the results you want.

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In every stage of the project process, I gain as much information about your values, your business’ goals, and the vision you have for your brand. I incorporate those ideals in the design so that it is a visual testament of what you stand for.

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I work with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, WordPress, DAZ 3D and I’m also competent in HTML, javascript, CSS, and PHP. … and the good ole art of sketching, and story-boarding.

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With logos, you’ll always receive a Style Guide for your records. For web projects, I get you the analytics you need to gauge how well the brand is doing on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. You’ll also receive insight about what your users are doing when they visit your site.

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A Detailed List

There really is no limit but here are a few options…


Custom Logo Creation

Logo Design | Mockups | Logo Revitalization | Digitizing | Converting Files | 3D | Logo Animation


Graphic Design

Brand Collateral | Business Card Design | Flyer Design | Posters | Book & Album Cover Design | Brochures | Banners | Signagage | Promotional Product Design | Apparel Design | Vehicle Wrap

Web Design & Development

Website Creation | E-Commerce | Social Media Campaigns | Video Intro Creation | Animations | Avatar Design |Analytics | Newsletter Design & Implementation

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High Demand Services

Pricing varies, but below you’ll find some numbers for the most popular design services offered.

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Logo Design

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Logo Revitalizing

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Website Design & Development (Gold)

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Website Design & Development (Silver)

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E-blast / Newsletter Campaign Design

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Social Media Campaign Design