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05/18/22 - 05/29/22

Stage 1 is where we work through:

  • Ideas about the brand taking a good look at the questionnaire and additional info
  • Sketches of fundamental shapes and styles that set the direction for the overall design

Dates for this stage: July 22-28

Phase 2 is where we work through:

  • All proposed graphic designs of the logo
  • You receive 3 samples. Choose a version(s) you prefer.
  • If the logo isn’t quite perfect yet, give us your requested changes and we will make the revisions. 
  • If you prefer a completely new set, we will create a new set.
  • This stage has 3 rounds. Additional rounds are $15 each. 
  • Once we come to a final version of the logo, we prepare for phase 3.

Dates for this stage: July 29

Phase 3 is where we provide all the final versions of your logo

  • Full Color / Black & White

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