The word “Minkah” literally translates to “Justice.” My approach to design is balanced and I obsess over imagination and creativity. The work of translating your message to the world is not taken lightly.

After graduating from The Art Institute of Charlotte, I was contracted through Adecco and Clickcom for about 2 years. I worked full-time for Recognition Plus for 1 year before finally giving into the entrepreneural spirit that wouldn’t let me be.

I’ve since then been learning the business branding. I’ve made tons of mistakes and also helped so many people. I think, the biggest lesson I’ve learned is that you absolutely have to master the art of project management. I lost many clients because I tend to be such a “right-brain” type of person – obsessing over the art of things, and missing the mark when it comes to organization. I implemented Asana and a few other tools into my process, and have since seen my business grow exponentially.

My focus has always been rooted in front-end design and cultivating the look and feel of a brand, but I have also recently gained more certification related to back-end code and look to build on how to incorporate IOTA and VR into the work coming through the pipeline for 2018.

I am also partnering with blossoming businesses who specialize in app-building and cloud-based development tools.


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